For library employees: When should I notify Fiona that the public printer needs service?


  • When the printer displays the message Install MK. (This means it's time for the service technician to install a maintenance kit. The printer will continue to work normally.)
  • When the printer displays the message Call Maintenance followed by a numeric code.
  • When paper is jammed in the feed rollers or paper trays and can't be freed by gently and evenly pulling the paper out. Stop pulling if the paper starts to tear.
  • When you hear a persistent high-pitched whine from the printer.
  • When you hear noises from the printer that sound like grinding plastic or metal.
  • When a plastic or metal part of the printer is broken.

Don't put an out of order sign on the printer when it's showing the Install MK message. For the other problems listed above do put an out of order sign on the printer and turn the printer off.

When you report the printer problem to Fiona please give her a detailed description of the issue so that she can tell the service technician.

  • Last Updated Nov 19, 2020
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  • Answered By Jon Woltz

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